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 Silver Moon - Caption of the night guard

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PostSubject: Silver Moon - Caption of the night guard   Tue Apr 14, 2015 10:03 pm


Alias: Silver moon


19 summers


Species: Bat pony / Lunar pegasus

Current residence: Canterlot

Occupation: Captain of the lunar royal guard


Mother: Stargazer - Silver moon was never able to create a healthy relationship with his mother mostly because she was always away. She and Silvers father were both members of the royal lunar guard when silver was growing up, so he barely got to see her. Despite this, the two still loved each other very much and were exited when they finally got to see each other at the very end of the day. Stargazer was the one who put her family first, and was the parent who took better care of her children. She is now retired from the night guard.

Blaze - While his mother and father were away for most of the night, and often even for several nights, Silver and his sibling were taken care of by a foal sitter that went by the name of Blaze. Strangely, She was a nocturnal unicorn for unknown reasons. She often claimed she preferred the night than the day because of its beauty and peacefulness, as at night the city became slightly more quiet. Silver was really able to connect with Blaze and viewed her as a second mother. Blaze was the one who took the most care of the three siblings, because their parents were unable to.

Father: Eclipse - Just like Silvers mother, Eclipse was a member of the night guard, so Silver and eclipse didn't get to see each other enough to create a great relationship. Eclipse, being now retired, was however extremely loyal to the princesses, and put his duties first. Though he loved his family very much he would not let that get in the way of his work.

Siblings: Whisper - description

Comet - description

Mate: N/A

Foal(s): N/A

Friends: Pluto - description

Nightingale - description

Summer Sky - description


Main / Tail description: silvers main consists of a solid velvet coloration, having a smooth texture to the touch and a ragged appearence. It is rather short in the back and down his nape. In the front his bangs are long and swoop upward above his eye forming a wave like appearence. His tail takes the same ebony hue as his main. It consists of a long and shaggy texture.

Body Description: Silver has a longer and shaggier coat then the average pony, just like most bat ponies. It is especially fluffy around his ears and along his chest. It holds a light grey color that some my describe as silver, however it is slightly more dull. He has no noticeable scars or markings along his frame. His physique Is that of an average pony, somewhere in between slender and bulky. As a bat pony, he has some unique characteristics that other ponies do not have the most noticeable being his wings. They are not feathered like the average pegasus but instead are webbed looking identical to that of bat wings. His wings posses the same coloration as his main and tail. The Second strange characteristic that comes with being a bat pony is a pair of small fangs.

Eye Description: like most bat ponies, his optics are extremely bright, appearing to almost glow in the dark. They are a golden yellow color and have slitted pupils, almost resembling cats eyes.

Cutie mark: -


Personality: Despite being feared for his intimidating appearence, this night dweller actually protects the city of canterlot from harms way so ponies can be safe in their sleep. Being the captain of the night guard he is a respected figure in the kingdom, however the same reputation does not follow to the outside world, he is instead feared by the average civilian. Meanwhile, his sun loving brotheren in golden armor are veiwed as hero's all around equestria. Does this bother him? Maybe a bit, but he let's it slide and tries to find muse in it, often laughing it off when someone runs away instead of taking the time to convince them otherwise. As long as he has the other members of the night guard, he is never lonely and doesn't see a point in trying to make friends with the civilians.

Though he is the captain of the lunar guard, and has a large weight of responsibility upon him, he is often found goofing around. Despite this, if something needs to get done, he always ends up pulling through and getting it done, and has yet to let any of the princesses down. Still, many of the fellow guard question his ability for the position, and where shocked when Luna Picked him for the new captain. However, Luna saw something in him, and trusts him completely to do his duties. Perhaps this was for good reason. Protecting Equestria is the stallions passion, and he never fails to do his duties, even if he does it in his own creative manner. Once you get past the guards that question him, there is a group that love him as their captain. As he makes the usual boring job a little bit more fun.

When trouble is afoot, Silver is always ready to solve the problem. Being confident and agile with both his body and mind he is usually capable at completing the task at hand. He gets a bit annoyed when someone says he is not capable of being a captain, or does not deserve the kind of respect that comes with the position. He is always ready to solve any challenge they throw at him to prove them wrong. Despite his somewhat carefree attitude, Silver is able to take command is is not afraid to put his hoof down and put someone in their place when they misbehave

Silver is extremely loyal to the princess of the night. As a member of the royal guard, he takes direct orders from the princesses, preferably princess Luna. While he is not as fond of the other three princesses, he will still take orders from them. As a captain of the royal guard, it is good for him to keep a healthy relationship with all four. However being in the night guard, he mostly works under the rule of Luna, the princess of the night. Ever since the princess had returned, Silver admired her, and it seemed Luna saw something in Silver as well when she chose him for the caption position of the lunar guard.






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Silver Moon - Caption of the night guard
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