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 OC Character Form

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PostSubject: OC Character Form   Wed Apr 15, 2015 4:11 am

There is a code at the located at the bottom of this post, please copy and paste the code into a new thread called your OC's name.


Alias: Your ponies full name goes here

Nicknames: any nicknames your pony may be given

Age: how old your pony is, we go by human years

Gender: male or female?

Species: make sure you look at our available species list and choose one from there

Current Residence: where your pony currently lives

Occupation: your ponies job


Mother: who is your ponies mother?

Father: who is your ponies father?

Siblings: does your pony have any siblings?

Mate: Who is your ponies special some pony?

Foal(s): does your pony have kids?

Friends: list your ponies friends here


Main / Tail Description: Give a good description of the color, texture and style of their main and tail

Body Description: give a good description of your ponies colors, markings, and physique

Eye Description: your ponies eye color and shape

Cutie Mark: give a description of your ponies special mark


Personality: give a detailed description on how your pony behaves and how they think

Likes: list what your pony likes

Dislikes: list what your pony dislikes

Strengths: what are your ponies good qualities?

Flaws: what are your ponies bad qualities? nopony's perfect at everything


Birth place: Optional

Backstory: Optional







[b]Current Residence:[/b]










[b]Main / Tail Description:[/b]

[b]Body Description:[/b]

[b]Eye Description:[/b]

[b]Cutie Mark:[/b]








[b]Birth place:[/b]

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OC Character Form
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